9 Signs You Need A New Insurance Agent

9 Signs You Need A New Oil & Gas Insurance Agent

Bad News. Oil prices are at a 5 ½ year low. In 2015 you are probably operating on a tighter budget or worse yet, just trying to survive. You’re possibly being denied service, protection, and advantage in your marketplace. Why? Maybe your current agent is to blame. As an oil lease operator, oilfield contractor, or oilfield consultant you need every advantage you can get in 2015. A great place to start is with your company’s insurance program. The insurance marketplace is very competitive and we are here to help you. Follow the 9 Signs You Need A New insurance Agent and Contact Us today at contact@oilpatchinsurance.com or 918-504-6723 to get a Free Patch Policy Review.

9 Signs You Need A New Oil & Gas Agent

1. Your relationship consists of an ID#, a phone #, and an email address.
2. You feel like an ATM when your broker shows up to collect money. There never seems to be enough time to plan a renewal, but there is always time to fix the mistakes.
3. You aren’t 100% certain that the policies you purchased to protect the company don’t have fatal coverage gaps because no one explained the terms of the policy to you.
4. You never see comparable quotes when renewing your insurance policies, just an increase in your premiums.
5. You feel that you are always being “sold” a product versus identifying your company’s exposures and providing options to solve your problems.
6. Does your agent try to convince you that in today’s complex world they have all the answers?
7. Does your agent talk more about him/herself rather than understanding your concerns?
8. Do you feel you are getting the level of service you deserve in order to meet your needs?
9. Do you feel that you are “alone” during the claim process?

What Can You Do?

Call 918-504-6723 today. You will sleep better knowing you have an agent that is working on behalf of your company’s best interest, not their own. Follow the 9 Signs.