Amazing Oilfield Welders Insurance Program At A Glance

Are you eligible for the oilfield welders insurance program?

  • This program is for individuals involved in land-based, oilfield-related welding, including rigs, pipelines and machinery.
  • This program is for welders with oilfield welding experience.
  • Next, how much are the premiums?

Premium Basis

  • The premium is $2,500 per welder (Welder Apprentice or helper’s premium based on actual payroll at manual rates.)
  • There is a $1,000 property damage deductible per claim, and
  • Policies may be subject to audit.

Oilfield Welders Insurance Program General Liability Limits

  • The General Aggregate is $2,000,000, and
  • The Products & Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000
  • Each Occurrence is $1,000,000, and
  • The Personal & Advertising injury limit is $1,000,000, finally
  • The Damage to Rented Premises Each Occurrence limit is $100,000.

Optional Oilfield Welders Insurance Program Coverages

  • Oilfield Umbrella limits up to $5,000,000 in limits, and
  • Oilfield Commercial Automobile coverage $1,000,000, and
  • MCS 90 filing, and
  • Oilfield Pollution, and
  • Additional Insureds, and
  • Waiver of Subrogation, and
  • Oilfield Inland marine insurance (equipment insurance for a schedule of equipment, unscheduled equipment, and permanently attached equipment.)
  • Bailee’s coverage (coverage for property in your care, custody, or control.) additionally,
  • Installation coverage is available.
  • Are you finally ready to get a quote? Here’s what you need to do.

Questions Asked to Obtain A Quote


Answer These Necessary Qualification Questions
  1. First of all, what state(s) is the work is performed?
  2. Additionally, what is your business type? LLC, individual, corporation, subchapter “S” Corporation
  3. What percentage of work is done in the oilfield?
  4. Is the insured an existing customer of Mid Continent Casualty Group? Yes/No
  5. Is the insured involved in any welding in refineries or petrochemical plants?Yes/No
  6. Is the insured involved in any offshore or over-the-water work? Yes/No
  7. Do you use any welder apprentices or welder helpers whose total payroll exceeds $100,000? Yes/No
  8. Has the insured had any losses in the last 3 years?
  9. Has the insured ever had insurance cancelled, declined, or a renewal refused?
  10. Does the insured have a contractual requirement that prohibits the amendment of insured contract definition?
  11. Along with your primary business do you perform any non-energy related business operations?
Especially Relevant Rating Information
  1. Insured Legal Name
  2. Address (Mailing and Physical Address.) Also list the states you will be working in and what % of work in each state.
  3. Insurance Limits Needed
  4. Effective date (policy date you wish the policy to begin.)
  5. # of Welders
  6. Additional Coverage Options to be added. (See optional oilfield insurance coverages.)

In conclusion, you should contact us today to get your insurance program rolling.

Shoot us an email (send to contact@oilpatchinsurance.com) answering these questions and we will get a quote out to you within 48 hours.