New Oil & Gas Lease Operators: Procuring General Liability Coverage


Many new oil & gas lease operators are calling and emailing us asking “What do we need to do to secure general liability insurance coverage for our new oil and gas lease operation’s company?”  Many officers/individuals are new to the risk management side of the business, therefore we thought it would be helpful to provide you (The new operator wearing a risk management hat today) with a heads up of what information you will need to provide in order to procure a general liability insurance policy for your company. 


1.  Complete A General Company & Management Application


Company & Management Team

Here are a few questions that you will be asked on the general application: 


What’s your company’s name?

Company  Entity type & Inception date?

Federal Tax ID number?

Officer/Member ownership %

Physical & Mailing Address, etc.

Resume or Bios of management

Your company’s insure-ability will be heavily dependent upon the experience and expertise of your management, so providing bios/resumes of your management is a crucial step to procuring general liability coverage.



2.  New Oil & Gas Lease Operators: Provide Us With A Well Schedule



New Oil & Gas Lease Operators Well Schedule


We will provide new operators with a master well schedule that they can continue to update during the growth of their company. This is an excel spreadsheet that keeps track of projected drilling/work over activity, and wells that are already producing or Shut-In. This schedule is also used for Control Of Well Insurance

Operator Well Schedule 1

Operator Well Schedule 1


3. New Oil & Gas Lease Operators: Master Service Agreements (M.S.A)


New Oil & Gas Lease Operators Sample M.S.A

Sample Oil & Gas Master Service Agreement


Risk Transfer by Contract.  Some of our insurers will want to see the actual M.S.A that you will be using with your contractors, but they all want to know for sure that you will be using one. The old oil field way “We’ll take care of ours and you take care of yours,” just doesn’t cut it anymore….if it actually ever did.  We can provide you with a sample M.S.A that you can review with your attorney. In conclusion, you will need to complete a specific oil & gas lease operator application like the one below. 


4.  New Oil & Gas Lease Operators: Supplemental Application


Oil & Gas Lease Operators General Application

Lease Operator General Application


In addition to a general application, you will need to complete an oil and gas supplemental application.  This is usually a 1-2 page application asking more specific questions about your oil and gas lease operations. You can see exactly what type of questions are asked above in the picture. 


Other Insurance New Oil & Gas Lease Operators Should Consider

We can help you procure a few other policies that you should consider.


Workers’ Compensation

Oil/Gas Lease Property Coverage

Directors & Officers Liability

Commercial Auto

Umbrella/Excess Liability

Control of Well Insurance


Are you ready to get the process started? Complete the form below to get started. 

Will Your Business Insurance Protect You Against The Risks and Threats That Today’s Oil & Gas Companies Face?

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  • Geophysical Contractors

The team at OPI is available 24/7 to ensure your Oil & Gas Company can keep operating in the event of a loss. They offer a wealth of knowledge, and years of experience in the latest risk-control solutions for Energy Companies and businesses working in The Oil Patch. For more information, or to arrange for a complimentary consultation, contact Josh DeBoer, Advisor at OPI at: 918-504-6723 or contact@oilpatchinsurance.com

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