Inland Marine Insurance Coverage

OPI’s Inland Marine Coverage is specially designed to protect the value of equipment used by businesses working in The Oil Patch.  Because your business assets aren’t always located in one place, OPI provides insurance for property both in storage and in transit.

Whether you need to cover losses related to well contractor’s equipment, oil-lease property, or the contents of your home or branch offices, OPI offers a wide range of Inland Marine Coverage options.  We take into account the type and location of your property, and provide replacement-cost coverage for owned, leased or rented equipment and tools, including, but not limited to:

  • General Equipment
  • Machinery, Tools, Derricks, and Substructures
  • Physical Rig & Platforms
  • Well Servicing, Drilling, and Workover Rigs
  • Communications (Radio and TV towers)
  • Above-ground Contractors’ Equipment
  • Installation Floaters
  • Miscellaneous Mobile Floaters (including MRI Equipment)
  • Truck Cargo/Transportation Risks
  • Warehouse Liabilities (including cold storage)

Our underwriting and claims specialists will sit down and learn about your business operations, equipment, storage and transit needs.  They can provide the broad coverage you need, as well as any supplemental coverage required to ensure all of your property is protected wherever it’s located.

[text_box title=”Get Your Inland Marine Coverage Quote Today” text=”Contact Oil Patch Insurance for a Complimentary Assessment of your Inland Marine Coverage needs.  We’ll be happy to develop a customized proposal to meet your unique requirements.

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