Kidnap & Ransom

As more American Oil & Gas/Energy Companies conduct global business, their employees face a greater risk of abduction and extortion. A Kidnap & Ransom (K & R) Policy from OPI will provide the insurance coverage you need in the event of a kidnapping.

Today’s companies that once dismissed kidnappings as unlikely now insist on obtaining K&R Insurance for staff training and to help eliminate the risk of a kidnapping. Over 75 percent of today’s Fortune 500 companies carry K&R Coverage, and you should too.

Kidnappings, detentions and extortions have become a reality for U.S. Oil & Gas Companies operating in both foreign and domestic markets.  Therefore the critical need to protect your assets. K&R Insurance from OPI provides employee training and security to prevent kidnappings.  And in the event a kidnapping occurs, experienced negotiators, agents and fund-transfer experts will get your employee home safely.

Compared with other forms of insurance, K&R Coverage is relatively inexpensive, and OPI has the expertise to customize a policy to meet the needs of businesses working in The Oil Patch.  Contact Josh DeBoer at OPI to learn why you need K & R Insurance and how we can help.

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