Oil Patch Policy Review

If you were diagnosed with a life threatening illness, would you get a second opinion about your diagnosis and your treatment options?

As oil prices become bearish and tailspin out of control now is the time examine your current oil patch insurance program with our FREE Oil Patch Policy Review.  OPI’s Oil Patch Policy Review has saved oil and gas companies thousands of dollars on their insurance premiums by uncovering coverage errors, employee classification inaccuracies, and operations blunders. While conducting a Patch Policy Review the most common mistakes we find costing oil and gas companies thousands are:

  • Incorrect Radius of Operations reported causing higher commercial auto rates.
  • Incorrect GVW & GVWR reported to the insurer causing costly auto rates.
  • Unnecessary coverages such as medical payments provided for trailers.
  • Employees are misclassified causing higher general liability premiums.
  • Employees are misclassified causing higher workers’ compensation premiums.


Patch Policy Review

At OPI, we know how hard you work and we understand what your business means to you.  Contact us today to start your Free Patch Policy Review to ensure you have a comprehensive insurance program that meets all contractual, local and federal requirements at the most advantageous pricing available.

You only know what you know, right? How do you know if your insurance program is free of any errors if you haven’t had a second opinion from another oil and gas insurance expert? Our Patch Policy Review has saved companies thousands of dollars and your company could potentially save thousands as well.

The Oil Patch Policy Review Process

Short Interview  An integral part of the Patch Policy Review is a powerful 30 minute conversation identifying your company’s day to day operations. We get down to business in a hurry instead of chatting it up about the weather and politics.   The interview is quick but thorough, and you will be happy with how much we accomplish without eating up half of your work day.

Convenience We understand your work days are jam packed and you wear many hats during the day, so we conveniently provide you with three simple solutions for us to review your existing policies.

  1. Your current policy can be emailed directly to OPI at contact@oilpatchinsurance.com .
  2. You can directly mail it to us at 5727 South Lewis Suite 420 Tulsa, OK 74105.
  3. We can send an associate to pick up the policies directly from your office. Once we receive your policies, we will immediately review and quickly send them back within 2 business days.

Validation  Each one of your company’s vehicles (V.I.N) will be double checked for accuracy regarding your commercial automobile policy. We have oftentimes found that vehicles have been rated with incorrect information such as incorrect GVWR, Radius of Operations, and how the vehicle is being used.  We can create an inventory excel spreadsheet if you wish.

Verification  “Trust, but Verify” became popular when Reagan was president. Your commercial general liability exposures will be checked and verified for accuracy.  Oftentimes we find that some classifications are completely missing when they should be used, or employee payroll has been allocated to the incorrect class resulting in unnecessary increased premiums. You will be happy that you had a second opinion from OPI to verify all is well with your policy, or allow us to quickly make some changes to stop the unnecessary insurance costs.

Confirmation  We will confirm that you have the correct employee classifications, correct NCCI experience modifier, and will review the policy limits. Shockingly, we find errors and missed opportunities that cost employers thousands of dollars a year. You will sleep just a little better at night knowing you had confirmation that one of your most expensive insurance policies was examined for accuracy.

Summary  We will sum up our Patch Policy Review with our expert analysis, and provide you with a clear-cut and personalized blueprint of actionable items that would enhance your company’s well being.

Insurance policies can be difficult to read and comprehend even for a seasoned insurance professional, so how do you know you have a comprehensive policy and the best insurance pricing available? The answer is to have a Free Patch Policy Review conducted by Oil Patch Insurance. Contact us today to start your free policy review now.