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OPI Pioneers Study to Reduce Operational Costs Through Affordable On-Line Education

Tulsa, OK., – Oil Patch Insurance announced today open enrollment for a limited, on-line education program designed to improve safety and technical awareness for oilfield workers.  In today’s cost sensitive environment, innovative ways to reduce operating costs are welcome news.

By providing continuing education to employees for safety and best-practices, insurers in many industries are able to offer discounts on insurance premiums. Defensive driving courses is a well-known example!  Oil Patch Insurance is now exploring this well-established concept for the petroleum industry.

Through its oilfield education partner, PetroEd® (www.petroed.com), we are offering selected clients the opportunity to test drive their engaging, fit-for-purpose on-line oilfield courses. We’ll be polling these clients to gather their feedback on the relevance of the educational material in promoting operational excellence.

OPI will then approach its insurer base to see if a discount on insurance premiums can be provided. We’re all about the win-win, so we’ll keep you posted on our progress as we evolve the initiative.  By the way, if you’re interested in participating in the study, PetroEd has allocated 250 annual licenses at no cost for the study*; as of today, there are 193 slots open.

A Few On-line Education Courses Available To Participants…

Drilling FundamentalsDrilling Fundamentals

The Drilling Fundamentals Library details the processes and tools used to drill a well, as well as key concepts like kick detection, under balance drilling, primary cementing and well control.


Production OperationsProduction Operations

The Production Operations Library covers common techniques used in the production phase of oil and natural gas wells in surface and sub-surface systems.



Health Safety EnviornmentHealth, Safety, & Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) topics are presented in PetroEd’s HSE Library, which addresses safe work practices on a rig or platform.

*Participants must be registered through the oilfield services or drilling contractor company that they are currently employed with.  Additional terms and conditions apply.

About PetroEd®

PetroEd logoHouston-based PetroEd is the world leader in e-learning and manpower development solutions for the oil and natural gas industry.  Since 1991, the company has provided advanced multimedia instructional content using the latest in modeling and animation.  Many PetroEd eLearning courses are available in multiple languages to serve our global client-base.  Our cloud-based manpower development platform, SkillGRID®, manages the learning agendas of over 100,000 oilfield workers, worldwide.  The platform provides companies with seamless delivery of educational content, tools for assessing workforce competency, and a system for recruiting and onboarding new talent.  A unique feature of the solution allows users to access and manage their educational pathways either on-line or off-line, using SkillSTICK®.   The off-line feature is particularly useful for workers in remote operations where broadband internet access is unavailable or expensive.

To learn more, please visit the PetroEd website at www.petroed.com

About Oil Patch Insurance

Oil Patch InsuranceTulsa-Based Oil Patch Insurance is a division of Fred Daniel & Sons, Inc., a 96-year-old insurance agency specializing in oilfield insurance risks. OPI offers a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses working in The Oil Patch.  As one of the oldest most experienced insurance agencies in the U.S., and as leaders in our industry, OPI is granted the highest level of access to the most superior insurance products and programs designed for businesses working in The Oil Patch-And we offer them at competitive prices.