How to Manage Your Oil & Gas Insurance Costs During the Oil Slide in 2015

Part 1-How to Immediately Save 15-25% on your Workers’ Compensation Insurance

No need to PANIC…..BUT….As oil prices slide below $50 a barrel, maybe it’s time to take a NEW strategic approach with handling your insurance costs in 2015. You can’t deny that one of your company’s larger costs is workers’ compensation insurance.

High Work Comp Rates

As an oil and gas service contractor, operator, etc., you already pay some of the highest rates in workers’ compensation insurance due to the hazards of the work performed. You need some relief, don’t you? Oil Patch Insurance has a solution: Pay-As-You Go Workers’ Compensation for Oil & Gas companies working in the Oil Patch.


• Save 15-25% instantly upon your renewal
• No Large down payment
• Improved Cash-Flow
• Any size of company can qualify
• It’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything.
• Eliminates the guesswork of trying to estimate your annual payrolls
• Integrates with your payroll provider
• Pay-as-you-go billing option


……Does this sound familiar?

In order to bind your workers compensation insurance, your company has to pay anywhere from 15%-25% of your total annual insurance premium as a down payment that either goes towards your annual premium or is used strictly as a security deposit.  You are probably making monthly payments according to your annual projections. Or maybe your insurance company allows you to pay monthly according to your payroll reports, but still requires a 25% security deposit.

That’s a sizable amount of money and you need to hoard as much cash as possible in 2015.
Whether you’re in domiciled in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, or another state we can help you reduce your workers’ compensation costs.

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